This Old House 2: Gardens, Squirrels & More

10399166_63337964952_3204471_nWe lived here for 5 years before we had kids. Keri had a little bit more time before Peter and Isaak (and our baby church) to play around in her gardens. When I think of our house Cedar, I will always remember Keri in her prime (oh, she’s still in it!) with her blue watering can I gave her for her birthday (see photo).

This house is surrounded by life. Green gardens. Strawberry patch. Amazing rose bush. Vines crawling up the chimney. Oh, and there’s also the lesser appreciated crab apple tree and strange cherry tree in the front with grapevines growing around the driveway. 

Our nephew & niece, Micah & Hannah, enjoy the garden.
Our nephew & niece, Micah & Hannah, enjoy the garden.

We’ve never had any pets but that’s ok because the squirrels and chipmunks have kept us entertained all our years here.  They are nuts (pardon the pun)! They jump down on the front porch plastic roof scaring the life out of me on my way out the door. They bomb us with acorns from the trees above the deck constantly.

Dueling mowers – Peter & Daddy.

But the best encounter happened in a story I’ve told in full detail elsewhere. I was reading (upstairs) in my study one morning when a chipmunk found his way into the house and shamelessly came up into my office and almost reached my food before I saw him and chased him down two floors into the basement where we had a standoff for a good hour. I bombed him with tennis balls to scare him out from behind the washer/dryer. He got by me and back up to the kitchen where I somehow trapped him under a bowl. Read how that ended HERE in a post entitled “The Undercover Chipmunk & Book Thief”. 

Keri’s dad and brothers helped us put on the deck in our second summer here, and I added the patio and fenced in the backyard when the kids came alone. I will cherish all the fond memories of entertaining friends on the back deck, Bible studies and singing around the fire, and watching Keri in her little Eden-in-the-making.




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