Hangin’ on a Vision

I spent a long season of “waiting on God” for a vocation that would both utilize my gifts and impact the Kingdom.  Nothing was more thrilling than those moments where God seemed to give me a glimpse of a vision of the kind of life I want to live.  I wrote the following on August 15, 2006 in the midst of one of those glimpses.  

Dream-BigTrucks run on fuel. Light bulbs and household appliances use electricity. Animals live on primal instincts. Human beings, however, when operating at their best, are run on things unseen — that is, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

It is a sad affair when a human being is just plodding along, day to day, merely functioning at an animal level – eating, drinking, and sleeping. Some add some fleshly pleasures to this mundane trio – sexual exploits, cheap thrills, or a rythmic drum beat in their ear. But this is not the way we were made to live.

I’ve realized again this past week how much energy, joy, pleasure and meaning can come from a renewed passion and vision for the future. Some want to stop world hunger. Others want to save the environment. Some want to engineer great, new inventions. Others want to sail the high seas. Some want to fight for freedom and justice in the military. Others want to fight for victims of domestic abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, racism, sexism, or any other -ism. Some want to raise a healthy, loving family. Others want to intervene and help disordered families get on the right track.

Whatever it is, life is most exhilerating when one has a greater purpose, a broader vision, a particular God-given niche to fill. When one is captivated by a higher calling and motivated by a glorious vision then “worldly” assets such as bank accounts, social status, a nice home, luxury cars and all the rest all fade in importance.

What are you living for? What gets you out of bed every morning? What gets your heart pumping, your mind cranking, your imagination spinning? My heart has been recaptivated by God’s calling to become a revolutionary disciple in the world today. I want to be bold for God. I want to take sanctified risks for God’s Kingdom. I want to bring the message of Christ’s counter-cultural way of life to the teenagers of Mound. I want to let God lead my life. I want to step down and let Him step up!  I want him to increase and myself to decrease.

I’m hangin’ on a vision these days, and the view is magnificent from up here!

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