A Puzzling Path to Glory 3 (Mark 10:45)

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ISAIAH: MARK’S STRUCTURE AND JESUS’ IDENTITY Joel Marcus has shed considerable light on the OT background to Mark’s gospel, noting especially the Isaianic influences in the words and actions of Jesus. Mark uses strategic Isaianic passages to show the reader that God is finally initiating the new exodus and ushering in … More A Puzzling Path to Glory 3 (Mark 10:45)

American Faith: “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism”

Few studies have been more timely and pin-point accurate in it’s findings than the research of Christian Smith in “Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers” concerning the religious beliefs of American teenagers.  I would argue that many of these teens have learned their faith from parents with similar Christian convictions and … More American Faith: “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism”

A Puzzling Path to Glory 2 (Mark 10:45)

“EITHER-OR” vs. “BOTH-AND”: HARMONIZING OLD TESTAMENT EXPECTATIONS Mark’s narrative paints a Jesus who is intentionally identifying himself with two OT figures—the Danielic Son of Man and the Isaianic Servant of YHWH; and describes his mission as the fulfillment of their drastically different destinies—the glorious triumph of the Son of Man over Israel’s enemy (“the fourth … More A Puzzling Path to Glory 2 (Mark 10:45)