Jesus, the Constitution & the Founding Fathers

kitschHave you seen this recent piece of art making the rounds?  It’s called “One Nation Under God.” As you can see, Jesus is front and center holding the U.S. Constitution which, according to this artist, was “inspired by God.”

Greg Boyd took this artist’s message to task on his blog, saying among other things: “Artistically speaking, it’s an excellent work. Theologically speaking, it incarnates, in the most graphic form imaginable, the sin of nationalistic idolatry.”  Do you agree or disagree?

I love America.  I think our constitution is a great humanly crafted foundational document and has served our nation very well. I am proud to be an American. However, I love the Kingdom of God far more, I pledge allegiance only to King Jesus, consider myself a citizen of heaven first and believe therefore we must guard carefully the distinct Jesus-shaped ideals for which Jesus died and of which Christians are called to advance. We must be vigilant to guard against the careless blurring of the gross differences between the America of our founding fathers and the Kingdom of our Crucified Lord.

What do you think of this artist’s interpretation of America’s political and religious roots?  Check it out HERE.

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