Hi Readers! I’m Back.

Jeremy, the Contemplative on his "Jesus Rock" in Mound
Jeremy, the Contemplative on his “Jesus Rock” in Mound

Hello friends and blogosphere!  I’m back and with a completely revamped website! Have a look around.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was actively engaged in writing and interacting with the greater blogosphere. Indeed, it was a different life. So much has changed. I have not actively blogged for about 3 years. Since then I have been busy doing some of the following (which explains, in part, why my writing life ceased):

1. I left my reasonably structured job as a youth pastor in an established church to start a new church.

2. Church planting has been an all-consuming project that stripped away the margin and time I used to spend writing. Certain things got pushed out of my life – writing/blogging was one.

3. I had kids. Enough said. Peter is almost 3 years old and Isaak is almost 1 years old. Wow, so much wasted writing fodder. :)

But….my lack of writing has not been a good thing for me. I have starved a part of my soul in the process and lost touch with a passion and gift that is life giving. Writing is good for me for a number of reasons:

1. As an introverted pastor writing is a way I renew myself when I get socially exhausted. Escaping into the world of ideas, introspection, and self-expression is a very life giving activity for me.

2. Writing has been a powerful personal spiritual discipline for me. I struggle (like most people) to have productive quiet time with God and in His Word. Some of my richest and most focused times have come when I have blogged through Scripture. I miss it.

3. I’ve been told that I have a gift for writing and others have been blessed it. If writing is a spiritual gift then I ought to be faithful in using that gift to bless others.

4. My Daily Illumination blog has been a way to capture the seasons of my life, as a journal or diary does for others, and I treasure having this storehouse of written reflections — many of them personal — to look back on and someday share with my kids.

Well, in light of all of this, I am contemplating a “comeback” of sorts. :)  My schedule has not lightened up and my life is only getting busier. But after some thinking and talking to others, I feel I need to prioritize and make room in my weekly rhythm to resume some writing and blogging. I will be more spiritually invigorated and therefore a healthy pastor. My congregation (which I have never had before!) may also benefit from my writing ministry alongside my preaching/teaching ministry.

This summer is a trial run. I will ease into writing by offering a summer devotional series called “At the Cabin with Jesus.” I hope you’ll stop by DI more often and/or subscribe to this blog in the upper right to receive new posts in your email inbox as they are published.

NOTE: If you are new to my blog, I labored for several years publishing literally hundreds of articles and posts on every topic under the sun. Read a good summary here. If you took the time, you could use the search engines and find out what I think about just about everything! Scary…beware. The menu bar in particular will take you to past DEVOTIONAL SERIES, and the SEARCH BY TOPIC page will help you navigate the site. Enjoy a glimpse into my life and mind. Please forgive me for any broken links as well, as I have not actively maintained the site for years, too. 

Grace and peace!


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