Wonder and Amazement in Acts

What adjectives do many associate with the word ‘church’ or ‘faith’?  Solemn, holy, boring, stained glass, choir, pew, robe, potluck, etc.

Reading (and trying to preach) through the Book of Acts paints a far more exciting scene. Just skimming through the first 4 chapters we read the following adjectives and phrases that paint anything but a boring picture:

  • “a crowd came together in bewilderment” (2:6)
  • “utterly amazed” (2:7)
  • amazed and perplexed” (2:12)
  • “they were filled with wonder and amazement” (3:10)
  • “people were astonished and came running to them” (3:11)
  • “Why does this surprise you?” (3:12)
  • Their opponents were “greatly disturbed” (4:2)
  • “They saw the courage of Peter” (4:13)
  • “They were astonished” (4:13)
  • Their opponents couldn’t “stop this thing from spreading any further (4:17)
  • “the place where they were meeting was shaken” (4:31)

How can our churches and ministries today recapture this excitement?  What are we lacking? What has changed?

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