When Holiness Came Down

Here’s a Christmas poem I wrote back in 2003. -JB


Silent night, Holy night

All is calm, all is bright

But was it really?

There must have been some serious noise

in the Heavenlies

as demons shrieked and Satan yelled

seeing imminent his utter defeat.

Holy perhaps was the night before

as You stood in untouched glory

Seated on Your powerful throne.

But this was the night when Holiness came down!

Glory as we had known it

now stripped off her royal robe

and put on blood stained rags,

all shriveled and torn.

No royal throne to rest on this day.

The High King of glory,

now a helpless babe in the hay.

Did you cry, God Almighty?

Did you get cold, Lord Jesus?

Were you hungry —

hungry enough to eat the bread of life for us all?

Were you thirsty —

thirsty enough to drink the cup of sin’s wrath

to undo humanity’s Fall?

What would sweet Mary have thought,

if she would have known through it all,

that when her little baby cried,

his tears were bearing the tears of us all?

Silent night, holy night,

now all my nights can be,

Because Holiness came down,

with love and grace to set sinners free!

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