Echoes from the Pit 2 – This Old Boat

Another journal entry from my college days.  I’m no poet – and boy do I know it!  But these give a glimpse into my heart when I was trying to find my way in this world as a newer disciple of Christ. I felt very lonely and misunderstood at this time, and was struggling to find my purpose and companions to share the Christian journey with. This was a season where I looked fine on the outside, but had a storm waging inside. (Friends and family might be surprised to hear the tone of these prayers.) Quite sure I was clinically depressed, too. Maybe some of you can relate….  

THIS OLD BOAT – November 3, 2003

The world pushes on me

back and forth

to and fro.

The winds of hollow philosophy

and the waves of worldly wisdom

leave me desperate on the stormy seas of life.

Clouds of anxiety darken

the Son’s guiding light.

I’m afraid,

I’m alone,

I’m desperate.

Yet, off in the foggy distance

a beacon of light shines,

a tower stands high on a hill,

it guides wayward travelers home.

My ship is fragile,

my vessel is worn.

Yet, off in the distance,

my Captain calls me home.

Calmer waters are my hope,

a priceless new vessel is my lot.

Yet, for now this old boat will do.

He saved Peter from sinking,

He will save me, too!

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