Echoes from the Pit 1 – Immanuel Prayer

Pulled out an old journal from my college days….found some very personal, desperate prayers and poems during a trying time in my life. I think I might share a few this Christmas. Here’s a childlike cry for God’s comforting presence to draw near — a prayer to Immanuel, “God with us.”

IMMANUEL PRAYER – October 21, 2003

Sweet Jesus,

Arms of love,

Hold me near.

I’m torn.

I’m attacked,

My mind wages war with my heart.

You hold them both though.

Your light,

Your love,

Your ways,

Be in me

that way!

Wanna dance?

Hold me near.

I’ll follow.

Don’t linger,

I’m clumsy sometimes.

Can I stand on your feet

to keep in step?

I knew you once

in such a simple way.

We walked and talked

together in the woods.

I couldn’t hear your voice,

but that was ok

because I could feel you in the wind.

The trees danced to and fro

as you sang natures song.

Let’s go back to that day.

Let’s bring the wind to my bedside tonight.

O’ Holy Wind

breathe your peace on my tired heart.

We could even sing a duet.

Could you please lead?

I sometimes sing out of tune,

but that will be ok since

no one else will hear us —

oh, except for all your angels in heaven,

and maybe all the saints, too.

Three in one, You create the sun

and it shined on newly created Man.

Clouds of sin,

trapped them in

a world so good yet so bad.

God came down,

gave up His crown,

erased the bad

to make us glad.

New days to play,

more ways to say

“We need you now.”


nothing sweeter,

nothing did I need more tonight

than to hear your Name.

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