MainStreet Building Project Update

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Hi all,

We’re getting closer to getting building permit to begin work on the new facility in Stonegate Plaza. There’s a lot that goes into these kinds of projects that we were not prepared for. We are asking for your continued prayers as we move this project forward to enhance our mission in Mound. On a bright note, we reached our funding goal of $55,000 for the initial buildout. Praise God!

Will you please continue to pray for this project — that the community will embrace the broader vision of this facility, and that God will continue to move in generous hearts to fund this dream!

Grace and peace!

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  1. Cheryl Walker says:

    Dear Jeremy Keri and Peter,
    I continue to pray for your family and your church. I think of you often and hope that God is showing you his grace, wisdom and love always. Merry Christmas may 2013 be a banner year for Main Street Covenant and for the Berg family.

    With Love
    Cheryl Walker

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