FATHER’S SONG (2): Creation Song (Creation)

day-one-creation-of-manThe Creator could have chosen an infinite number of methods to bring the universe into being.

God chose to sing.

Well, we don’t know if God actually sang, but the creation narratives make plain that the first stars, moons, trees, oceans, platypuses and people danced into existence through the spoken word of God. (“And the Lord said…and it was so.”)

Scholars are quick to point out that Genesis 1 has a clear poetic rhythm, a certain beat, cadence or ancient groove.  Unfortunately contemporary readers often tend to impose rigid, lifeless, “just-give-me-the-facts” scientific interpretations on this rich rhythmic narrative.  All the heated debates over dating and the fossil record can deafen one’s ears to the sheer beauty of the creation song.

Like a pebble striking a glassy pond and rippling outward, the pulsating energy and mutual love of the Trinitarian dance struck the cosmic void with a decisive chord of creative power that began the rippling effects of those first six days.  The poem slowly builds in tempo and tone, from the quiet sounds of the Spirit hovering over the deep to the energetic flashes of light and syncopated splashes of the sea.

The song’s thin melody grows fuller as new life fills sea, sky and land with each passing day.  The creeping of the crawlers builds to the march of the beasts of land and sea.  The suspense grows and the volume increases.  The angelic choirs join the Divine Trio, adding texture and depth as the creative music builds to the grand crescendo of the sixth day.

Every note, every melody of the Father’s Song has been leading the attentive ear to this shocking, show-stopping lyric:

“Let Us create man in Our image, according to Our likeness” (Gen 1:26).

And all heaven was silent.  Awe fell over the angelic hosts.  The perfect harmony shared between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit could not be contained.  A dance this perfect, a song this sweet, a love this strong spilled over and echoed out beyond the perfect trinitarian fellowship.

And so God created human beings in his image — His triune, interrelational image.

But why?

91828the-creation-of-man-1956-58-postersI believe the only adequate answer is: We were created to join the Dance of the Trinity.  We were created to join the angels in singing the Father’s Song.  We were made to join the symphony of God’s holy, creative, life-giving, relational love.

We are all instruments of God in the deepest, truest sense.  We are created “in the image of God” — we might say “in tune with God”   — in order to perform the Father’s Song with our lives as we walk in rhythm with God.

The song’s opening measures were absolutely flawless: “And God saw all that He had made and it was very good.” For a blissful moment the first human couple enjoyed a life of perfect harmony (or “Shalom”) with the earth, with each another, with themselves and with their God.

But the Father’s Song would soon take a tragic turn as God’s instruments so went so quickly out of tune….

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