Spring Break on Facebook (or “Are Men Scum?”)

This is a repost from the spring of 2009. -JB

“All princes start as frogs,
all gentleman as dogs,
Just wait till it’s plain to see,
what we’re growing up to be.
Cuz some frogs will still be frogs,
some dogs will still be dogs.
But some boys can become men,
just don’t kiss us till then.”

-Princes & Frogs by Superchick 

A message is currently circulating on Facebook that claims that “men are scum.”  Here’s a bit of it:

“Despite all the romantic notions that men or women may have about how men really are, the fact remains that nature has pretty much made them all one way: hormone-crazed animals bent on blessing as much of the planet as possible with their genetic code.  Like any other male animal on this planet, the foremost thought on the untrained human male’s mind is sex… I estimate that 99.87% of adult males walk around in a hormone induced zombie trance of lust.  For every thousand men, 13 of them are rationally thinking gentlemen.”  

Well, boys? What do you think of this claim?  Is this true?  Is it partly true but overblown a bit?  If so, which part is true?  Which part is overblown?  What beliefs about human nature, nature, human development, morality and God leads this person to this portrayal of human males?

While you think about that, let me tell you about my spring break destinations.  First, I did not choose these locations.  As a follower of Jesus I would have chosen somewhere else with less temptation.  Second, I did not choose these particular friends. This kind of crowd usually drags me into situations where I end up dishonoring to God.  Third, my heart is especially sad because these destinations and people tend to spend a lot of time worshiping at the altars of the false gods of sex and substances. Beautiful women made in the image of God, priceless in God’s eyes and of infinite value are dehumanized and reduced to objects of men’s lustful appetites. Girls, created to be loved, cherished and protected by loving “gentlemen” are instead used, abused and turned into toys to be played and sexual objects to be possessed for selfish gain — and later discarded as “used goods.”  My heart breaks.

fiestacancunsign1Have you guessed where I spent my spring break? That’s right: Facebook. Youth pastors spend a lot of time interacting with our students on Facebook. Every March Facebook is flooded with spring break photos that bring Cancun, Miami Beach and other sandy beach locations right to us. Every March an apparently small number of “gentlemen” (0.13% according to the source above!) find themselves wrestling with what to do with the bombardment of photos of all that goes on in these locations — namely, beer and bikinis.

Spring break is the annual gathering of the so-called “hormone-crazed animals” roaming the white sands in a”hormone-induced zombie trance of lust.”  Now please know that I do not deny the raging hormones of teenage males and the powerful influence they can have on their behavior.  Nor do I deny that men are very sexual beings who desire sexual intimacy. I do however beg to differ with our amateur anthropologist’s portrayal of males in one major way.

He sees the world from a purely “naturalistic” point of view.  Humans came about solely by natural processes and are merely more evolved primates acting out of their natural animal urges.  (Luckily we have evolved beyond sniffing the other’s behinds!)  If it itches, scratch it.  If it feels good, do it.  That’s his view of reality.  This particular view of the human situation came to prominence only recently in the 19th century (i.e., naturalistic evolution).  For most of human history, however, people have held a more complex, more profound, more dynamic view of the human creature.

The ancient Hebrew scriptures describe the human race created as the pinnacle of the animal kingdom, and endowed with higher reason and sense of morality, of right and wrong, good and evil, that sets us apart from other animals.  A great Fall occurred which left the humanprincess-kissing-frog-prince being conflicted within himself by a “fleshly”, sin-prone nature with self-preserving, animal instincts at war with our God-endowed spiritual nature or soul.  This God-oriented view of the world explains the obvious contradiction we see in the human race.  We have the genius of Einstein and the goodness of Mother Teresa on the one hand; and the moral bankruptcy and evil of Hitler, child abusers and serial rapists on the other.

The ancient Christian writings (New Testament) paints a realistic picture of the human dilemma and then invites humanity to deny our “natural urges” and instead hunger for purity, goodness, love and justice.  This involves a fighting a lifelong inner battle between our “sinful nature” and the Spirit of God within us.  Gentlemen are not born. They are made. They are made over time by one good, virtuous decision after another.  Serial killers and heartless oppressors are also formed gradually over time as they give more and more power over to their sinful, animal desires at war in their inner-being.

Yet, there is a Prince Charming hiding inside of every young man waiting to find his princess and love and cherish her. Unfortunately, the Great Lie of our age has brainwashed a Facebook generation that Prince Charming is really only a frog (just more evolved) and women are just sexual trophies to be conquered and possessed.  The princess kisses the frog hoping to find her prince; but the prince has been told he is really scum and so remains a cold, slimy creature forever.

Yet, the wisdom of the ages calls us to higher life – a life where we live under the loving authority of a Creator who has a higher purpose, moralhand-in-hand standards and will hold us accountable for the lives we lead.  He is a God who created sex for a purpose – not merely of preserving our species but enjoying the rare and joy-filled intimacy between a husband and a wife.  Perhaps, when we realize we are more like Prince Charming than an animal in heat, we will take these ancient words seriously:

“I made a solemn pact with myself never to undress a girl with my eyes… Isn’t God looking, observing how I live?  Doesn’t he mark every step I take?”

(Job 31:1, 4)

So, girls please put your clothes on – it is unbefitting of a princess and daughter of God.  Guys stop acting like scum – you are called to love, protect and cherish the daughters of God.  And will you all just keep your beer and bikini photos to yourself – so the 13 out of every 1,000 of us can keep our hearts pure for our beautiful brides and brides to be?  Thanks!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    Nice work Jeremy. I enjoyed reading this

  2. M.J. Teston says:

    You always have some great reflections Jeremy. Thanks

    1. Jeremy Berg says:

      Thanks, do I know you M.J.?

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