Dedicated to the Lord

Peter's Dedication, March 18, 2012

We celebrated Peter’s dedication to the Lord at MainStreet Church on March 18, 2012, among family and friends. The meaning and significance of this event is amplified by the fact that when Peter was conceived we barely had a church in existence in which to have such a celebration.

A baby dedication service is largely a communal event whereby the parents and church family commit together to providing a place in which a child can grow up in the faith, learn the story of God and the good news of redemption in Christ until they reach the age when they profess their own faith in Christ and are baptized.  The fact that God has grown a new church family in Mound to the point of providing such a place brings real joy to Keri and I.

A special thank you to all of our friends, or family(!), at MainStreet who have promised to help point Peter to Jesus!

With love and appreciation,

Jeremy & Keri

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