E.A. Skogsbergh Website Project ‘Completed’

It is with great excitement that I share the fruit of my research and labor pertaining to the life and legacy of E. Aug. Skogsbergh – early pioneer leader and revivalist preacher of the Covenant Church who had a powerful ministry in Minneapolis and on Lake Minnetonka in my backyard. Building this website has been both the most fun as well as the most time-consuming research project I have undertaken. My research involved:

  • A couple full days (10+ hours) digging through files, folders and boxes in the basement archives of First Covenant Church, Minneapolis, scanning hundreds of documents, photos, newspaper clippings, etc.
  • Pilgrimages to photograph his home (still standing) on Lake Mtka, and his memorial at Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis.
  • Sorting through Superintendent Mark Stromberg’s personal Skogsbergh collection at the Northwest Conference Office.
  • Untold hours uploading, formatting and editing the photos, and designing and building the website.
  • Many hours researching and writing the history for the website pages (10,000+ words).
  • Reading Skogsbergh’s Memoirs, the Sliver & Golden Anniversary history of First Covenant by Skogsbergh (1923), his biography A Burning Heart by Erik Dahlhielm (1951) as well as several additional books.

I believe you will find the website a very pleasing resource. First, I scoured the best sources on his life and quoted heavily to make the website a great first stop for Covenanters interested in learning from our best Covenant historians about Skogsbergh. Second, I quote extensively from Skogsbergh’s Memoirs to give a good sense of his dynamic personality. Third, the accompanying photographs and documents really bring the history to life in a way that books fail to match. Finally, the real achievement of this project is it brings previously hidden and buried treasures out from the dusty archives and into one’s living room with a simple click of the mouse.

WEBSITE SUMMARY: You will find an overview of his early life in Sweden; his dynamic ministries in Chicago, Minneapolis, on Lake Minnetonka, and in Seattle; his visionary leadership in education and publishing; a glimpse into his family life and heartfelt tributes by his peers. I am most excited to provide a rich collection of rare photographs, personal letters & documents, personal items, an old sermon, newspaper articles, hymns, and other treasures long buried in basement archives but now accessible to all. Some notable items include:

  • Original call letter from Chicago to Skogsbergh in Sweden
  • Handwritten letters from Waldenstrom to Skogsbergh
  • Report cards from Colporteur school
  • Items such as Skogsbergh’s Bible, hat, pulpit, etc.
  • Immigration papers, Naturalization papers, immunization records, etc.
  • Original obituaries, death notification telegram to Chicago office, funeral program, etc.

The site is live at www.swedishmoody.wordpress.com. Go read of a man of God in whose footsteps we are trying to follow and whose legacy we’re trying to carry on in the Lake Minnetonka area. Enjoy!

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  1. James Easton Skogsbergh says:

    Thank you for your efforts in preparing this website about my great grandfather, Erik August Skogsbergh. My name is James Easton Skogsbergh, middle of three sons of Easton Arthur Skogsbergh, who was the middle of three sons of Jerhome one of Erik August’s eleven children. My brothers Curtis, the eldest and Jeffery, the youngest were all born in Seattle. I am retired and now live near Bend, Oregon. My wife, Marsha and I had the opportunity to visit my great grandfathers First Covenant Church in Seattle this past fall, when we attended my 50 year class reunion. This trip has stimulated a renewed interest in our family history. It is our hope that we may be able to take a trip to Minneapolis this summer to visit.

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