GARBAGE DAY 10 – Scissors That Won’t Cut (Hell 2)

What then does Jesus’ graphic allusion to Jerusalem’s garbage dump tell us about the nature of hell?

First, as we have already discovered, each person has been created for the common purpose of bringing glory and praise to the ist2_5568108-old-rusty-scissors2Creator.  We were made to be showcases of God’s majesty.  We fulfill this role whenever we live in tune with our intended design.  We are most human when we are most freely letting our lives be used for purposes that bring honor and glory the architect who made us.

But when we repeatedly refuse to live out our created purpose of being God’s image-bearers and letting our lives bring Him glory we become more and more like a toaster that doesn’t toast, a furnace that doesn’t heat, a light that doesn’t shine, or wheel that doesn’t turn.  We become quite literally unfit for life in God’s world.  Not irredeemably so; not insignificant or unloved by the creator; but for the moment we are, like a scissors that won’t cut, fit for the trash.

Regardless of what you may have heard, Hell is not some arbitrary spiritual realm underground where “bad people” go merely because they broke some moral code of law.  Hell isn’t the invention of man or society to threaten and manipulate people into their proper roles and behavior.

Hell is rather the realm of wasted lives where those who continually refused to live out their created function of showcasing God’s glory finally end up.  It’s a place for broken toasters, not cigarette smokers.  When God’s cosmic recycling project is completed and all humanity is finally restored to their original purpose of tending the earth and worshiping the Creator (Gen 2:15), there will be no place for those unwilling to live in tune with their created design.

NEXT: “Hell is Locked From the Inside”

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