A Church Is Born!

After a full two years since Keri and I began this church planting journey with God, we celebrated the official launch, or Grand Opening, of MainStreet Covenant Church this Sunday at The Gillespie Center. What a joyful, energetic, Spirit-filled celebration it was. We had 180 people attend, and had to use the overflow parking lot our first Sunday! :)

Our worship team was incredible.  Friendly greeters, ushers, and coffee crew made visitors feel at home. Our awesome Kids Ministry and Nursery volunteers sent kids home with smiles.  I shared a message about the rich spiritual history in Mound including the dynamic ministry at Skogsbergh’s Point in the late 1800s.  I shared the story of my “Macedonian Call” to be a servant in Mound that goes back 7 years, the Revolution ministry that planted the seeds that are now helping birth MainStreet. We had a Generations Prayer with Veronica, Keri and Ruby praying for past, present and future.  Hearts were stirred. A few tears were shed. The Spirit of God was present. Praise God!

Thanks to all who are a part of this journey — prayer partners, financial supporters, mission friends and volunteers.  Here’s a photo that captures our Sunday worship experience at the MainStreet. Keep your prayers coming, and come join us for worship sometime in Mound!

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