Some Thoughts on Grace & Peace

Paul begins his letters in the New Testament by wishing grace and peace upon his readers. Grace and peace. Have you ever stopped to ponder their meaning and the relationship between the two?

I did – today.

Christmas is a season where we celebrate and sing about peace on earth. We welcome the Prince of Peace in the manger. But there is no peace without grace. Grace makes peace possible.

Many people want peace but want to skip by the grace that makes it possible.  

You’ve heard the sang: “Freedom isn’t free.”  Likewise, peace comes at the expense of grace. Peace is made between warring parties when one side extends grace and pardon to the other. Do you want peace in your family this year? Extend grace where needed. Do you want peace with your children?  Extend grace.  Do you long for peace in a strained marriage?  Extend grace.  Do you want peace with your enemies?  Since an eye for an eye, and bomb for bomb, seems to be failing our world, shall we consider Jesus’ course of action and extend grace to our enemies as well?

Do you want peace with God?  Well, in this case, receive the grace which as already been extended to you in Christ Jesus!

As we’ve been told, the G.R.A.C.E. of God is indeed “God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense.” And now it’s our turn to pass the buck. Grace is the price of peace, and the currency of choice in the economy of God. Extend grace this Christmas season.

Grace and peace my friends!

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