Podcast Pastors

Found this at Jesus Creed.  I think this is an important topic needing to be addressed. From Trevin Wax’s post as reported at CP: There’s a dangerous trend among Christians today, according to one Christian: Podcast sermons are increasingly replacing real pastorship. “What is dangerous is not listening to podcasts, but thinking that pastoring and shepherding is … More Podcast Pastors

Cremation vs. Burial: A Worldview Case Study

I heard a commercial on the radio this morning for The Cremation Society. It said something like only 4% chose cremation back in 1960, increasing slightly to about 8% in 1980. Then they proudly announced that today over 50% are choosing cremation over traditional burial! So, what? What’s the big deal? Does it matter one … More Cremation vs. Burial: A Worldview Case Study