MainStreet Journey

NEHEMIAH 3: More than Monotonous

At first glance, Nehemiah chapter 3 is a monotonous list of random people doing seemingly mundane tasks (e.g., “So and so repaired such and such gate, putting in the doors and hinges…”).  Yet, digging deeper we find a beautiful picture of an entire community — local families, business owners, religious leaders, neighborhoods — all uniting around the vision of rebuilding a city!  How can the people of MainStreet follow their example as we unite in building up this new church in Mound?

In this sermon, we unpack 9 fascinating insights hidden deeper in this often skimmed over chapter of Nehemiah.  But first, one of the most encouraging things about Nehemiah 3 is that it’s filled with a bunch of “no names” like you and I, ordinary people who said ‘Yes’ to God and found themselves in the Bible alongside the more well-known names. All they did was move boulders, swing a hammer and hang some doors!  This should give significance to our own seemingly mundane lives IF we’ll only dedicate our every day tasks to the LORD for his glory and honor!


Here are the other 9 points in the sermon:

1. Local pastors unite to lead the way, dedicating the project to God (3:1).

2. Help comes from outside the community as well as from within (v. 2).

3. When we spread out and divide the work, we can accomplish much more (vv. 3-4).

4. Be warned that some will always refuse to get involved (v. 5).

5. Local business owners get involved in the work (vv. 6-8, 31-32).

6. The best place to start is our own neighborhood (vv. 10, 23, 29-30).

7. The entire family got involved — women, children, etc. (v. 12).

8. Some jobs are “crappier” than others (vv. 14-16).

9. Some will pull more weight than others (vv. 20, 27).

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