On Christian Labels

As someone who helped start a ministry movement among local teens called Revolution, I’m drawn to other people’s descriptions and redefinitions of the Christian faith as something more than ‘church as usual’.  I am part of a group of Christians who like the label ‘Revolutionary Christians’.

When I’m looking around on Facebook, and reading people’s profiles, I always like seeing what they put for ‘RELIGION.’  It’s almost humorous how many people try to avoid putting the simple ‘Christian’ — ‘Christ follower’, ‘Follower of Jesus’, etc. Everything has to be qualified these days, as sad as it is. Even I chose to label myself ‘Follower of Jesus’ on my profile years ago.

Whether or not you agree with that, I did find one description quite inspiring and compelling today as I was getting to know a new friend.  Here’s how she describes her religion/philosophy in her profile:

Non-Religious Revolutionary Christian
The dawning of the 21st century finds the church of America in a moral and spiritual crisis. Decades of self-centered living and worldliness have taken their toll. Years of compromise and toothless gospel preaching have had their effect. And now we have reached the moment of truth: Either we wake up, stand up, speak up, and act up, or we run the risk of becoming a mere historic curiosity, an irrelevant religious sideshow, an entertaining, harmless spectacle. Something must change, and it must change now. There is no other choice. But this revolution will be different than other revolutions—including the revolution that birthed our nation more than 200 years ago. This revolution will not be fought with earthly weapons of destruction—not with guns and knives and bullets and bombs. It will not be fought with hatred, intimidation, or brute force. No, it will be fought with the message of the gospel, with the love of God, with the power of the Spirit, & radical holiness.
What do you think of this description?

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