A Frog at Midnight

I’ve been facing some serious spiritual oppression this past week.  I’ve been fighting off doubt and discouragement, and trying to hear the Voice of God amidst the distorted cacophony of messages from the Evil One.

Seeking a Word from God on how best to lead our MainStreet team forward this fall, I set out on a prayer walk around midnight.  As I neared my special prayer rock along the Lost Lake Pier & Greenway — my Ebenezer, or “stone of help” — I came upon a frog sitting frozen on the bike path. He wasn’t moving, sitting strangely still like a statue. Was he dead? Was he scared into a paralyzed stupor?  Had he just fallen asleep in harm’s way?

Afraid of finding him squashed on the pavement the next morning after the Tour de Tonka bike race coming down that trail, I thought I’d lead him off the trail to safety.  I thought I’d nudge him to greener pastures.  Now, there’s a lesson coming, so listen carefully.  He was sitting all the way on the left edge of the path, just a few inches from the grassy ditch.  One hop would get him to what seemed safer territory.

Being the shorter, faster, easier route, I set my foot down behind him to get him to jump. He didn’t move. Again, was he dead, scared or asleep?  Again, I stomped my foot behind him, trying to scare him into the ditch.  He wasn’t going to go that way.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a big snake slither through the grassy ditch where I was trying to lead this more perceptive frog. As the snake slithered away, the frog turned the other way, and  jumped across the path and safely into the high reeds, disappearing into the water full of lily pads.

Despite my good intentions, I was unknowingly leading a frog on a short cut into snake pit, when the way to safety was the longer route that leads to the water.

So, is there a lesson in here?

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