Oh, Deer! It’s Father’s Day!

After spending the first half of the weekend with my father, I woke up Sunday morning to waffle breakfast prepared by Keri for me on my first Father’s Day.  Then we headed north to Mora to see Keri’s dad on Father’s day. So, just to come clean, as we were heading north on 169 we were both in tears listening to Taylor Swift’s A Good Day. It’s a song she wrote for her daddy, and I dare any dad to listen to it and not cry.  Songs like that make me want to have a baby girl so bad.

We were sharing “a moment”, with Keri telling me (with happy tears running wild) how great a daddy I’m going to be, when suddenly we struck a deer who darted out of nowhere!  I saw a blurry furry thing, and the next second my hood flew open as the deer smashed the windshield and flew over the top of the passenger side into the ditch.  Everything can change in a split second, “in the twinkling of an eye” (1 Cor 15:52).

We are perfectly fine. Keri and baby are fine.  We didn’t feel a thing — just a loud noise as the hood popped open, and I slowly pulled over to the shoulder driving with a black hood in my face. But….what if?

….What if the hood wouldn’t have flown open and protected the windshield from shattering, would the deer have gone straight into our laps — and worse the baby’s lap?

….Why didn’t our air bags go off?  If they would have worked, would things have been worse for Keri and the baby?  (She’s due in 3 weeks.)

….What if I had seen the deer coming, slammed on breaks and were rear-ended at 70 mph?

….What if I had seen the deer coming, and instinctively swerved to miss it and rolled the car in the ditch?

We were fortunate.  We believe God was watching over us.  We’re grateful for how things did go.  We’re grateful for God’s grace and care.  I probably will remember my first Father’s Day for a long time.

Oh, and I was proud to tell my brothers-in-law, who are big time hunters, that I finally killed my first deer today.  Also, I asked Keri what she yelled out at the moment of impact, and she said, “I pretty sure I yelled, OH DEER!”

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  1. Jason says:

    I think you should invest in a “cow pusher” for your car! Glad you are both alright! Can’t wait to meet my new neice/nephew in a few weeks!!

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