QUOTABLES: Dan Allender & the Reluctant Leader

God loves reluctant leaders and, even better, he loves reluctant leaders who know they are frightened, confused, and broken. In fact, he seems to have a special fondness for rebels and fools. Does God choose troubled leaders because few other people are foolish enough to say yes, or does he choose weak, troubled people because they serve a uniqueness in their broken state?  The answer is yes.

Here is God’s leadership model; he chooses fools to live foolishly in order to reveal the economy of heaven, which reverses and inverts the wisdom of this world. He calls us to brokenness, not performance; to relationships, not commotion; to grace, not success. It’s no wonder that this kind of leadership is neither spoken of nor admired in our business schools or even our seminaries.”

D. Allender, Leading With A Limp

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  1. Renee Archuleta says:

    this was an amazing but so true statement please send me more thank you

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