A Stadium-sized Easter Celebration!

Nearly 20,000 people gathered on Sunday, April 24th at Qwest field in Seattle to form the largest church service to ever take place in the Pacific Northwest. Pastor Mark Driscoll preaches on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most important and influential man who has ever lived. His Twitter feed this afternoon said, “651 baptisms and still going…”  Praise our Resurrected Lord for Pastor Mark’s ministry, and all the ministries of Mars Hill Church in Seattle!

For the record, Driscoll’s style often bugs me, his attitude often tests my patience, his theology differs quite drastically from mine, and his teaching on some issues makes me cringe. Despite these differences (that will always exist within our big, broad family of Christ) God is utilizing Driscoll mightily for His eternal Kingdom, and today I once again say, “Thank the LORD for Pastor Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Lord, continue to use this man for your glory!”

What an exciting event at Qwest Field this Easter.  Here’s one local news report on it. I encourage you to go check out the videos and watch Driscoll’s sermon here.

He is Risen!

PS: Sharp suit and tie, Mark!

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