LAURIE’S STORY: A Coffeeshop Connection

We are living into our vision of being people who are “in the marketplace daily with all who happen to be there” (Acts 17:17). Dave and Melissa met us in the Farmer’s Market, Deano heard about us from the chiropractor, and recently Laurie bumped into us at Caribou Coffee.  Here’s her story:

“A young man named Charlie was at the Caribou in Mound minding his own business when I spotted him. He looked hip, had a Bible open in front of him, was likely a believer and therefore must have known of a church in the area – as he did and its name is MainStreet.

I have been attending MainStreet functions for little over a month. In my short time of observation and participation I have found much faith in action. I am stoked to be a part of a fellowship that can boldly say to the people of Mound, “Go, have a great day!” because we see to it that they can by meeting that need of theirs, whatever it may be, thereby earning their confidence and solidifying the Gospel message as worthy of being heard.

MainStreet is a beautiful gathering of people whom I find to be bold, sincere in relationship with one another, humble, witty, uplifting, and just right. Is it right for you?”

What a delight it is to see God adding to our number these days.  Now, our goal isn’t to meet people on Main Street and pull them away from there and “into the church,” but rather to invite them to help us be the church — the hands and feet of Jesus — all week long out there in the everyday spaces.  We’re excited to see how God uses Laurie to further His mission in the days ahead.  She brings many gifts! Welcome Laurie!

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