MELISSA’S STORY: A Crossroads Moment

Enjoy another ‘Mission Moment’ from our church planting adventure in Mound, MN.

MainStreet’s vision is to be a church that meets people where they do everyday life, forming relationships that point them to Jesus. We met Melissa this fall when she and her boyfriend, Dave, stopped by our MainStreet booth at the Farmer’s Market in Mound. She has been part of our journey these past months, attends our LifeGroup, and recently surrendered her life to Christ. Here’s how she describes it:

“Hi Jeremy, I cannot even begin to express how glad and thankful I am. A life changing experience such as this is not easily explained and the magnitude of it cannot be captured in words…

I feel like I truly am at a crossroads right now. For the first time since college, I actually picked up my Bible last night… I am scared, yet excited, yet oh so scared, to see where God leads me….I am definitely in a place I’ve never been before…

I am trying to reconcile my previous/current life with the need to explore what God wants me to do. I don’t know how to live this kind of a Christian life and still live how I was before…

However, I cannot believe how at peace I am with God. As I was driving to work today, I knew that if on this day I were to die, the Lord would fully welcome me. Death is no longer nearly as scary as it used to be. I don’t know how to explain it; I can honestly say I’ve never felt so many of the things I’m feeling recently. It’s a scary and wonderful time…

I look forward to exploring with you and our fellow believers. Dave and I have strongly felt that God brought us (MainStreet Community) together and I am SO glad we followed his gentle prodding.”

All this happened because MainStreet made ourselves available in the marketplace, at the intersection of faith and everyday life. This is why we’re here and this is why we need your continued support and prayers — there are many more Melissas in Mound to meet!

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