DEANO’S STORY: Called Back Home to Mound

Here’s a ‘Mission Moment’ story from our church planting mission in Mound, MN.

In Acts 16, Paul is called to the region of Macedonia in a vision. I believe God still calls people to particular places to bring the gospel. That’s why I’m in Mound. But I’m not alone.

Another unsuspecting “victim” of the divine summons is Deano. Deano graduated from Mound in ’01 and has been living in Otsego/Elk River area an hour or so away. However, Deano has spent the past few springs/summers coaching baseball in Mound.

Deano surrendered his life to Christ in 2009, and since then has been sensing God nudging him back to Mound to reach his old town and classmates for Christ. Amazingly, Deano says this call became strongest last August, but Deano kept waiting because he knew he couldn’t accomplish much on his own out here.

Little did Deano know that at this very same time last summer, we began holding MainStreet Launch Team gatherings and asking God to bring others around our vision to plant a new church in Mound! Isn’t that just like our God!?

Deano first heard about MainStreet from our local chiropractor, and we finally connected this past month. In January our Launch Team prayed specifically that God would bring a bold, evangelistic personality to our Launch Team to help spread the word in the community about MainStreet. Deano is a direct answer to that prayer!

Deano is filled with passion for God and a burning desire to draw others closer to Christ. Deano has hit the ground running, is moving back to Mound in March, and wants to use his house in Mound for hosting his own LifeGroup and other MainStreet ministry events.

Thank you LORD for answering our prayers, and thank you Deano for hearing His call and responding in faithful obedience.

“Do not be afraid….For I have many people in this city.” -Acts 18

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