Rob Bell Endorsements

I’ve mentioned some of the strong criticism for Rob Bell’s yet-to-be-released book on Heaven and Hell called Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.  Now a couple positive endorsements from Eugene Peterson and Greg Boyd.

“In the current religious climate in America, it isn’t easy to develop an imagination, a thoroughly biblical imagination, that takes in the comprehensive and eternal work of Christ in all people and all circumstances in love and for salvation. Rob Bell goes a long way in helping us acquire just such an imagination. Love Wins accomplishes this without a trace of soft sentimentality and without compromising an inch of evangelical conviction in its proclamation of the good news that is most truly for all.” –Eugene H. Peterson, Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, and author of The Message and The Pastor

“Love Wins is a bold, prophetic and poetic masterpiece. I don’t know any writer who expresses the inexpressible love of God as powerfully and as beautifully as Rob Bell! Many will disagree with some of Rob’s perspectives, but no one who seriously engages this book will put it down unchanged. A ‘must read’ book!” – Greg Boyd, senior pastor at Woodland Hills Church and author of The Myth of a Christian Nation

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  1. Joshua says:

    I am looking forward reading this. I am a bit frustrated with some of the local pastor coming out so hard against this book (even before it comes out).

  2. Jeremy Berg says:

    ditto. they are responding to the promo video – did you see it?

  3. greg Bobbitt says:

    This may seem a bit off the subject but the press, time, and discussions that will be generated from Rob Bell’s opinions over the coming months will probably prove my point. The reactions will come and go both condemning and approving of Rob Bell’s views before and after his latest book comes out. It’s interresting to me how much sway national figures continue to have in the Body of Christ. Needless to say, more will be debated over what he says than any local pastor’s last twenty sermons. Yet neither Rob Bell nor any of the other celebrities will go to my child’s sickbed, deliver meals to my family when they are hungry, or visit our home if my wife leaves me. His writing, suprisingly, can get many to look sideways at the man who does care for their family, especially if his views are not up to the cerebral prowace of the national voices like Rob. Afterall, our pastors don’t do cool videos. These national writers have ascended to a kind of popery. They rule from zondervan and other high places speaking forth the next edict that will change everything in Christendom . I believe every Christian should be educated and know what he believes about matters of docthrine and I’m not saying that these writers have no place in the discussion. Shouldn’t we though, honor the local Pastor, by respecting him over such mouthpieces? Doesn’t he deserve the authority that comes from his sacrifice? The scriptures would indicate that these megaphone carrying self appointed spokesman have earned at most a back seat to the people God calls into our communities to lead us.

  4. Jeremy Berg says:

    Hi Greg,

    I think you are right to remind people to appreciate the teaching and ministry of their local pastor for their sacrifice and service hidden from any spotlight. However, I also believe the Pipers and Bells of the world have been gifted for communicating biblical truths and have been given a larger influence than most. I think both the unknown local pastor and the nationally known pastors writing books would see themselves trying their best to steward their gifts for God’s glory.

    I also believe such national figures can stimulate new conversations that can be taken further in the context of local churches. Plus, I think you’re overstating the facts by talking of “popery” and “edicts that will change everything in Christendom.” Rob and others are not saying anything new; they are merely placing into the spotlight on very old debates and rehashing old views — or in this case, putting on the table the very questions millions of younger believers are asking about hell and a loving God. Rob’s just bold enough to have his discussion on a national stage — but many a local pastor will be having their own forums and discussions in the basement of their no name church.

    Read McKnight on this point:

    But, again, I like your appeal to give our local pastors respect and appreciation for their day to day ministry in our lives. Peace, JB

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