With Jesus: Are we Coming or Going?

As I read through the Gospels today, I noticed that Jesus seems to be fond of commanding people to either “Come, follow me!” or “Go!”.  The point seems quite clear: Life as a disciple of Jesus is a life “on the move.”

He calls us to drop our nets, leave our old life behind and follow him in a moment by moment lifestyle of obedience.  And the next moment he’s saying, “Go!  I’m sending you out as lambs among wolves.”  That sounds a bit different than warming the church pew one hour a week, or putting in your 1.5 hours at youth group.

I fear we live in a church culture where we’re neither “coming” or “going” — we’re sitting, lingering, waffling, stalling, but very little coming or going — aside from coming to church service each Sunday and going out for lunch afterwards.

What has Jesus called you to walk away from this year?  What mission has Jesus sent you out on so far this year?

My mom used to jokingly accuse me of “not knowing if I was coming or going.”  Well, the real problem seems to be those who are doing neither — those who are just, well, standing around in the crowd looking on.

There are three main categories of people in the gospels: disciples who follow Jesus, enemies who oppose Jesus, and the crowds who watch from a distance but never accept or reject Jesus.  The crowd are the people I worry about most as a pastor.  Those may be the people who are surprised on judgment day when Jesus says, “I never knew you.”

So, where are you today: Coming? Going? Standing? Watching?

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  1. “erkomai”…my favorite greek word…”come and/or go”
    the rhythm of christian living is to come to jesus and sit at his feet, rest awhile, take his yoke…and then go…into the nations to serve and love, being the presence of the Kingdom in the world. And, of course, we are blessed to be able to do this in community, in relationships with others and under the power and influence of the Holy Spirit. there is no doubt that we jesus followers must be a people on the move. it is how the Good News is spread and the Kingdom built.

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