Pastor 4 – Recollecting the Mighty Acts of God

More from Bishop Willimon’s book on vocational ministry called “Pastor.”

“The priest is the one who keeps pointing the congregation to the presence of Christ in our midst; keeps narrating our lives in a manner quite different from that of the world. The world tells us that we are our own creations, that we are masters of our fate, captains of our souls. The church offers a counteraccount of what is going on in the world that helps us see our lives as part of the adventure of God become flesh, the story of our salvation, the story which, in the very telling of it, is our salvation. Historic eucharistic prayers narrate the full sweep of salvation, beginning in Genesis and going all the way toward the acclamation, “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again!”  In a consumeristic society, doxology becomes one of the most radical, countercultural activities of the church. Our possessions are not ours. All that we have has come as a gift — a trust — from God. Even something so ordinary as bread becomes, in the light of the prayer of thanksgiving, a sign, signal, sacrament of the full sweep of God’s saving love for us.  Jesus was only doing at the table with his disciples that which he did in teaching, healing, and dying on our behalf.  Every time we make Eucharist we take back some enemy territory in the name of Christ. We pastors give the congregation training in viewing all of their lives as sacramental, as that sphere where even something so ordinary as bread and wine can be a vehicle of God’s revelation, Christ’s very presence.”

p. 86


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