Pastor 1 – More Than Meeting Needs

I’m reading through William Willimon’s definitive book on ministry called “Pastor.”  Allow me to share some highlights as I go.

“We live in a capitalist, consumptive culture where there is no purpose to our society other than “meeting our needs.”  The culture gives us the maximum amount of room and encouragement to “meet our needs” without appearing to pass judgment on which needs are worth meeting….In this vast supermarket of desire, we pastors must do more than simply “meet people’s needs.”  The church also is about giving people the critical means of assessing which needs give our lives meaning, about giving us needs we would not have had if we had not met Jesus.”

“One reason many pastors become so exhausted by the demands of ministry is that they enter ministry with little basis for it other than “meeting people’s needs.”  That is dangerous in a society of omnivorous desire, where people, not knowing which desires are worth fulfilling, merely grab at everything. The pastor’s ministry ends in fatigue and resentment at having given one’s life for a bunch of selfish people who have no other purpose in their lives than the fulfillment of an unexamined, inexhaustible set of false “needs.”

p. 60

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