100,000 Daily Illumination Visitors!

We made it – 100,000 visitors to Daily Illumination.

I began blogging — like semi-seriously — a couple years ago.  I love to think, read and share ideas – and am more articulate in writing than face to face. So, I thought I’d practice out-putting all the stuff I’d been inputing through all my studies.

The biggest mistake I made when starting a blog was to name it DAILY Illumination. Why?  Because I soon began feeling guilty that my blog was only providing occasional illumination — maybe posting once or twice weekly.  False advertising!

I’m a goal setter, and like personal challenges. So, I decided one day to attempt to provide what my blog advertised: a daily dose of something inspiring, something substantive, something worth stopping by for.  My consistency and hard work eventually began to draw more traffic over.  I blinked, and then realized we recently passed the 100,000 visitor mark.  For the past several months we’ve averaged about 300 visitors daily, and around 10,000 each month.

I’m proud of the 2 years of material that has been produced on this site.  You can find over 700 posts, hundreds of devotional writings, Bible studies, commentary on current events, movie reviews, church leadership wisdom, youth ministry moments, original series offering spiritual lessons to be learned on the golf course, in a Driver’s Ed car, and random videos to make you laugh. 

I am most appreciative of the searchable Archives where you can find my thoughts on many different topics ranging from Apologetics to Heaven & Hell to spiritual warfare to sexuality.  I often use the ‘Search’ bar to recall various articles I’ve explored in the past.

I hope you find Daily Illumination more than just an occasional stop when you’re bored. Please check out all the other worthwhile features and content of this site.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Martin Luff says:

    Great stuff, bro – keep the post coming.

    Love reading your blog – always encouraging, thought provoking and challenging.

    Thanks and bless you

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