Personal Update – July 2010

Hi blog readers and friends!

I’m enjoying my “blog-cation” this July.  Providing “daily” illumination everyday for the past 500+ days straight was…well…time consuming work. Plus transitioning into the lifestyle of a church planter this summer has added a whole new intensity and work load to my life.  But this new ministry adventure also brings fresh inspiration and fodder for blogging. So let’s hope I re-emerge with some regular blog posts later this summer and into fall.

For now an update on the progress of MainStreet Covenant Community.  We’ve been sharing the vision of MainStreet to our network of families who have a heart for seeing the mission of Jesus move forward in Mound in new ways.  For nearly two months we’ve been inviting people to pray about joining our launch team and to come to our Vision BBQ on July 18 to hear more and hopefully take the next step.

Here’s an update I sent to our Prayer Partner team today:

Thanks for your extra prayers this past week — especially leading up to our first MainStreet social gathering this past Sunday night.  We’re thrilled to celebrate that we had 33 people in attendance (see photos above).  We had a good mix of people from several different churches, some unchurched neighbors, all age groups including a bunch of teenagers and college aged students from the Revolution ministry we began in 2005.

We had absolutely perfect weather as we enjoyed good food, root beer floats and hearing more about the vision of MainStreet Covenant Community. Highlights of the evening included:

– Hearing Craig and Beth Oslin (Keri’s parents) share some of their current experience of being part of a church plant in Mora, MN.

– Hearing a student testimony from Andrew Alness about the impact the Revolution has had on him and other teenagers, and what excites him about the vision of MainStreet Community.

– We challenged people to take the next step and join the Launch Team as we begin meeting and moving this church forward in August.  We had about 15 people say ‘Yes’ to attending the first Launch Team meeting in August.  That’s a GREAT start. Many others seem to be leaning in the ‘yes’ direction, too. =)


So, please know that your prayers covered us this week.  We believe the momentum is already beginning to build, and we believe opposition awaits.  So let us continue to get on our knees and pray for God’s Kingdom to gain new ground in Mound through the advance of MainStreet Covenant Community in the weeks ahead.

Pray in particular for people to clearly hear the call of God, and to have the courage to step out in faith if the Holy Spirit is nudging them to join us in this adventure.

Thanks for stopping by today and please keep your prayers coming for the vision of MainStreet Covenant Community in Mound, Minnesota!

Grace and peace,


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