Divine Summons

Divine Summons 15

This series tells the story of the Revolution in Mound back in 2005-2007.

Divine Encounters and Open Doors

I don’t think it was more than a week later that Keri and I were out on one of our walks about town.  We stopped by Caribou Coffee as part of our normal routine.  We struck up a conversation with two gals, one being the parent of one of my basketball players.  She asked casually, “What are you guys up to these days?”

Since I had just graduated from seminary and Keri was nearing her graduation from college with a Business and Finance degree, we told them were looking for jobs. Neither of the gals knew our educational background and that we were Christians.  So, we were almost knocked to the floor at what happened next.

The first gal said, “Jeremy, I don’t know if this will interest you at all but my friend is the secretary at the Methodist church across the street, and she mentioned they are going to be posting an ad for a part-time Youth Director soon.  I don’t know if religion floats your boat, but I know you work well with youth.”

Before I could even respond the other lady chimed in, “Keri, I don’t know what kind of work you’re looking for, but I work at the bank across the street and we also have a position open right now.”

Just days after my prayer went out to God we walked into a coffee shop and have two relative strangers who know nothing about our vocational goals and educational background just happen to tell us about a door of ministry opportunity to the youth of Mound and a bank job for Keri who is finishing up a Finance degree!

Doesn’t this suddenly sound a bit like another story involving the supernatural provision of God, the opening and closing of doors, meeting the right people at the right time, chasing visions in the night and being part of a Kingdom-advancing adventure?

I was convinced that this was a clear and unmistakable answer to my prayer.  My heart soared with a renewed purpose, a confident faith and the giddy excitement of a small boy on Christmas morning.  My outward life was finally beginning to match the wild, adventurous character of my inward faith.  Rather than trying to find my life within the Book of Acts, the Book of Acts was beginning to come alive within my life in Mound.  Mound was going to be my Macedonia, and I was going to be it’s Paul.

The following day, without hesitation and with an extra bounce in my step, I went over to Bethel United Methodist Church to inquire about a job, and to tell them about my vision.

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