Seeking God in Nashville

Keri and I had the wonderful opportunity to fly to Nashville and participate in an intense church leadership assessment process with some 13 other couples. For four days we were observed, went through several interviews, had some sessions with a therapist exploring our marital and emotional health, participated in a number of case studies where our leadership abilities and personality was observed in action.

We had the chance to share our call to ministry and sense of future calling, preach a mini-sermon in front of a room of other pastors, and be “grilled” with questions from the panel of assessors.  This was a couples process, too.  So, Keri and I were able to compliment each other which is a strength of ours in ministry.  We completed a series of personality and gifts inventories as well — StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, DISC, Spiritual Gifts, and more.

Most importantly, we had the enormous blessing to have key denominational leaders from all of the regional Covenant conferences joining us in a deeply spiritual time of listening to the Lord on our behalf and prayerfully seeking to discern our giftedness and vocational direction in ministry.  After 3 long, intense days of assessing, the 14 pastoral couples were sent off to our hotels and on the town while the team of assessors comprised of well-trained pastors and leaders stayed back to evaluate us and provide vocational direction based on their sense of our giftedness and leadership abilities.  A dozen or so men and women of God spent nearly 8 hours prayerfully seeking God on our behalf.  This is an enormous blessing.

Saturday we had our exit interviews where they shared honestly about our leadership gifts and ministry potential, and affirmed our uniqueness as men and women created in the image of God for his ministry purposes.

The Lord is up to something with Keri and I.  We’ve known this for several months.  We’re still not fully certain about where our next season of ministry is going to take us.  But we have a pretty good hunch.  As for me, I will be intensifying my prayer habits and going on more prayer walks as I seek more clarity and confirmation on God’s call for me.  Stay tuned…

For now both Keri and I desire to finish strong with our beloved students at Faith Covenant and step into the unknown with both hope and anticipation.  The Lord is leading our way — He always does.

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  1. Keri says:

    Oh man, oh man. Looking forward to serving the Kingdom with you!

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