Piper Sermon + Boyd Sermon = Schizophrenia (updated)

I have long made it a habit to listen to both Greg Boyd and John Piper’s sermons each week.  I like to be pushed from both sides, and keep myself balanced theologically.  (Well, my theological convictions lean heavily toward one side, but want to keep wrestling with the opposing views.) Every once and a while … More Piper Sermon + Boyd Sermon = Schizophrenia (updated)

Divine Summons 30

Coffeehouse Live at Ground Zero The next outreach event would be similarly geared towards drawing the local musicians in the school.  Many decided they wanted to take the stage after seeing the first Battle of the Bands.  But I wondered if we could cast the invitation even wider than just musicians. We decided to inaugurate … More Divine Summons 30

Wolf Attack

So, I rarely have dreams — or ones that I remember anyway.  But this morning I woke up in a cold sweat from a nightmare where I was being chased by a vicious wolf who eventually caught me and began eating my arms off.  Is there some deeper significance here?  Why would I dream of … More Wolf Attack