Daily Illumination 2009: Year In Review

What a ride it’s been — for me at least. One year ago I started the new Daily Illumination blog. Why? I have been reading obsessively for the past decade, intaking large quantities of biblical facts and knowledge, listening to lectures and podcasts, completing two degrees in Biblical and Theological Studies. Last January I felt it was time to start “outputting” and sharing my love of these topics with others. Thus, Daily Illumination was born.

For the past 365 days I have logged hundreds of hours attempting to bring “daily reports from the busy intersection of faith and everyday life.” It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun.

Here is a look back at the past year at Daily Illumination:


I have put zero effort into promoting and advertising this blog. I did not start blogging to gain readers. I wanted to sharpen my mind and polish my writing skills; if anyone else happened to tune in and benefit from it — bonus.  But we all love to share the things their most passionate about — in this case Christianity, the Bible, culture, Jesus and theology — with others who share this interest.  So, it has been great to have some loyal readers who keep coming back for more of my daily writings. Just so you know, I have no idea who you are.  Please let me know if you’re a regular reader of DI by personally dropping me a comment, email or Facebook message.  It would make me day.

How about the stats?  The mustard seed principle applies here as well. I had only 180 visitors the first 2 months combined.  Now that many stop by almost daily. Traffic picked up over the summer and this fall has exploded exponentially. More than 4,000 visitors stopped by DI in October and the upward trend continues. Total visitors in 2009 was over 21,000.


If you’re new to DI or only stopped by occasionally, here are some of the highlights from the past year.

Most of all, I’ve tried my best to provide daily content that keeps our minds set on Christ and grappling with Kingdom realities first and foremost in our daily pursuits.  For your convenience I have added a NEW Archives page where you can more easily find past DI articles by category.

Thanks so much for coming along on this journey!  I hope to see you all in the New Year!

Grace and peace,


Dr. Jeremy Berg is the founding and Lead Pastor of MainStreet Covenant Church in Minnetonka Beach, MN, where he has served since 2010. He an Adjunct Professor of Theology at North Central University (Minneapolis) and Professor of Bible & Theology at Solid Rock Discipleship School. Jeremy earned a doctorate in New Testament Context under Dr. Scot McKnight at Northern Seminary. He and his wife, Kjerstin, have three kids, Peter, Isaak and Abigail.

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