Q&A – Solid Answers to Faith Questions

Do you have theological questions and doubts about the Bible and Christian faith?  You’re not alone!  I want to share a valuable resource for finding well-thought out and balanced answers to many of the toughest doubts and questions faced by both Christians and skeptics.

Please check out the Woodland Hills Church Q & A channel on YouTube featuring hours and hours of Q & A from reputable scholars Dr. Greg Boyd (Woodland Hills Church) and Dr. Paul Eddy (Bethel University).  Save it to your favorites and have fun!  Here’s a taste:

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  1. Zachary Psick says:

    He stayed up late at night praying that Romans 9 wouldnt be there in the morning because he didnt like what it said, until he was eventually “liberated” by finding a different meaning for it? I dont think you have to be Sigmund Freud to figure out what happened there.

  2. Jeremy Berg says:

    Zach – Just because he didn’t “like” the common interpretation he grew up with (which he argued is based on a modern individualistic presupposition foreign to the mind of Paul) doesn’t mean he was “liberated” from it merely by choosing a more desirable meaning.

    His understanding of those texts was changed through deep engagement with the biblical text read in light of the Jewish understanding of election.

    Please watch again and deal with his argument based on scripture. Also, you might also go spend 10 years of graduate study pouring over every commentary, book and article on Romans 9-11 before just blowing off his widely held viewpoint. Dr. Eddy is a top notch New Testament scholar and no liberal. He just does not agree with Reformed theology at this point.



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