Shimmer & Shine ’09

Once and awhile I like to post a video giving my readers a glimpse into the wonderful high school ministry I get to lead.  Here’s a peak at our annual Christmas dance we call “Shimmer & Shine.”  This year we went back to the 1940s to the Hollywood Canteen for some swing dancing.  Enjoy!

For the Record: “I Believe…”

So many theological, social and political debates rage on all around us and it’s so easy to get sucked into unnecessary arguments. The Church, tragically, is notorious for drawing unnecessary lines in the sand, splitting hairs and dividing over nonessential doctrines, political viewpoints, cultural debates and so on.  Once in a while it’s refreshing to … More For the Record: “I Believe…”

VIDEO: “Love Is An Orientation” (Andrew Marin)

YouthWorker Journal editor Steve Rabey talks with Andrew Marin about ways youth workers can reach out to gay and lesbian youth, and how in the past churches have failed to minister to those struggling with same-sex attraction in a Christ-like manner. Andrew is the director of The Marin Foundation, and the author of “Love Is an … More VIDEO: “Love Is An Orientation” (Andrew Marin)