Alarm Clock Devos

ALARM CLOCK 9: Your Smell Gives You Away

1Business marketing strategists have even capitalized on the power of the olfactory sense.  Fast food joints located within close proximity to other businesses are rumored to pump their deep-fried smell into the parking lot in hopes of drawing in hungry shoppers for a bite.  Coffee shops grind their own beans, filling the air with that fresh blended odor. When you leave you instantly become a walking billboard for their product as people catch a drift of your coffee-scented clothes.   

Odors also betray where we have been and whom we have been with.  My wife works at a local coffee shop, and I know exactly when she steps into the house.  Or, consider the man who comes home late from the office one night, having told his wife he had some last minute paperwork to finish up.  His lie is quickly exposed when she smells the bar smoke and liquor on his breath.  

During his ministry, Jesus was always drawing large crowds to himself.  While the wondrous miracles he performed certainly added to his attraction, most of the people were simply following their nose.  Jesus smelled of mercy and grace, love and forgiveness and it attracted large hoards of desperate people.  In a society where the least and lowly, the sick and lame, sinners and outcast were all considered the burnt toast of the meal only to be thrown to the dogs (Matt 15:26-27), Jesus invited them to become a part of the main course at God’s messianic feast.  Jesus was hosting a great banquet, and everyone was welcome (Matt 22:9).  Everywhere he went, people caught a whiff of what God was doing through Jesus, and the smell was irresistible.  

As God’s awakened ones, we are called to exude the same irresistible fragrance of God’s saving grace to those who are still asleep, drawing them into the kitchen to become partakers of God’s breakfast buffet.  

Reflection Questions:

1. Does your smell give you away?  Are you trying to act like a genuine Christian but you’re heart is still quite smelly inside?  

2. Pray again that our lives would smell like Jesus and others would catch a good whiff of His irresistible love and life!

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