Alarm Clock Devos

ALARM CLOCK 7: Ugh! Morning People!

bird_wormOnce we awaken to face God’s glorious New Day, another question naturally arises: How should Christ-followers approach the all-important task of waking others?  What kind of alarm clocks should we be?

Most morning people I have met take great pride in this particular quality.   They even have signature phrases to promote this special trait.  “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.”  And we all know “the early bird gets the worm.”  Yet, have you ever heard of a bird starving to death for sleeping in?

My father is the hard working early bird of my family.  I remember well the line I always used to get growing up when I would come to the table at noon for breakfast to find him finishing his lunch.  “”Are you just getting up?  You’ve already missed the best part of the day!”  Even years later, I still feel guilty sleeping in.  Well, anyways….

All of this is to say, there is a certain danger that comes with being one of the early risers.  The “awakened ones” can easily grow prideful and begin looking down with scorn on those still tossing and turning.  When it comes to spiritual wakefulness, this temptation is even more dangerous. Those of us who have been so graciously awakened by the Spirit, already enjoying the early hours of God’s new day, must always remember that it is only by God’s grace that we ourselves are awake (Eph 2:5).

Furthermore, we have not been roused from our beds for the self-serving purpose of enjoying a private sunrise.  To the contrary, we have been awakened for the very purpose of becoming God’s alarm clocks, bringing a soft and loving “poke” to those spiritually asleep (1 Pet 3:15-16; Eph 4:15).

Reflection Questions:

1. Do you know any morning people?  Are you one yourself?  How do you feel around “morning people”?

2. How early in life did God’s love awaken you?  Five years old?  Fifteen?  Maybe 25 or 50?  Some of us are early risers and some us get up later in life.  Whenever we happen to come to faith in Jesus it is still a gift from God so none of us should be proud.

3. Do you struggle with the “pride of the early bird”?  Ask God to remind you that you didn’t wake yourself up?  Ask for patience and love toward those who haven’t responded to the Gospel alarm yet.

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