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The Undercover Chipmunk Spy & Book Thief

CovertChipmunkI was blogging this morning in my study when a little furry visitor scurried in to say hi. Yes, we have a chipmunk in our house! He tried sneaking up on me in my study.  This was a huge violation of my sacred space.  I jumped up and said, “Hey, stop right there Mister!” and chased him down the stairs, around the couch and into the basement.

We battled it out around all the boxes and junk for about 10 minutes before he disappeared. Seemingly defeated, I wandered up stairs to the living room and there he was again by the TV. I blocked off the path to upstairs and downstairs and chased him around. I opened both outside doors to shew him out. He didn’t want to go outside so he breached my blockade to the kitchen ran towards the basement door. Finding it closed he was cornered by the trash. After a valiant struggle and high speed chase I managed to trap him under a bowl in the kitchen!!!!!

I’m holding him hostage at the moment! I’m trying to get information from him. He’s resolved to not speak. I just want to know what he was after upstairs in my study. The nuts are stored in the kitchen. The only thing he could have been after are my precious books.  I wonder which book he wanted to sneak back to his little chipmunk headquarters.  I’m guessing it was my signed copy of “Surprised By Hope” by N. T. Wright. Not on my watch, Alvin!  Better luck next time!

So, now what?  How do I get him outside?  Just another day in the Berg House of Furry Horrors!




Dr. Jeremy Berg is the founding and Lead Pastor of MainStreet Covenant Church in Minnetonka Beach, MN, where he has served since 2010. He an Adjunct Professor of Theology at North Central University (Minneapolis) and Professor of Bible & Theology at Solid Rock Discipleship School. Jeremy earned a doctorate in New Testament Context under Dr. Scot McKnight at Northern Seminary. He and his wife, Kjerstin, have three kids, Peter, Isaak and Abigail.

4 comments on “The Undercover Chipmunk Spy & Book Thief

  1. You need to update this with the details of the grand exit :)

  2. That’s great! How the heck did he get up stairs from the basement into your living room? Maybe there’s more then one… Maybe Simon and Theodore are roaming around.

    • Jeremy Berg

      Yeah, an Animal Planet documentary informed me that chipmunks always roam in packs of 3 — and love singing Christmas songs…

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