30th Birthday Reflections: New Love 2

Keri Kiss
Madly in Love

On my 30th birthday some years back I shared some personal journal entries that provide a window into the trials and triumphs I faced during the decade of my tumultuous 20s.  

When Keri walked into my life Cupid’s arrow struck me with an abundance of emotion and fresh inspiration.  I began journaling like crazy and even dabbled in some poetry and song writing.  Let me share two poems that attempt to put in words the effect Keri had on me in those early days of dating.  

The first poem was written the morning after a late night out with Keri when I had to be awake by 5:30 to substitute teach across the city.  With very little sleep I remember being carried through that day by something more energizing — something I called “Love Adrenaline.”  The second poem is self-explanatory — watching the clock slowly pass in anticipation to be with Keri after work.  Enjoy!

May 13, 2003

Today I awoke in a tired state of excitement.  A girl can break down all of one’s normal biological functions.  Any pain is overshadowed by one’s thoughts of the peace one feels when gazing into her eyes.  Any tiredness is eclipsed by the energy they feel radiating from their racing heart.  As I awoke and felt this mix of new feelings, I was led to record them in writing.  This is the poem, in unpolished form, it sparked:



Wide awake, the world at my bedside stands,

Life shakes me up, another day’s journey has began.

My mind, drowsy and winded from dream journey’s end,

Prepares itself as real life sets in. 

Darkness of night ushers in light’s new day, 

Sweet thoughts of a girl pave my way.

No clouds or rain can dampen my spirit,

My heart’s a thumpin’, if you’re quiet you can hear it.

It sings of dreams that may finally come true,

It sings of hopes of loving and being loved by only you.

Is this the story with the kiss in the end?

Or just another disappointment, another broken heart to mend?

Tip-toe, tip-toe, through my mind again,

So beautiful she dances, my heart to win.

A smile that pierces and “happy tears” that melt, 

This boy’s stomach in knots, feeling feelings never felt!

May 22, 2003

I penned this poem as I anxiously waited as the hours slowly crept by at work today as I taught high school English.  I was waiting for 6 o’clock to come when Keri would be here.  


Tick-tock, tick-tock,

Slowly move the arms of a clock.

The present is chased hastily away,

By a future that is anxious and ready to play.

Each steady passing of the hour,

Brings her nearer as my excitement towers.

Two-thirty, three-thirty, four-thirty, five,

Six o’clock is coming, I’m restless inside.

Call it silly, call it insane,

The way a girl can affect a boy’s brain.

“Mind over matter” typically holds true,

But when it comes to love, the matter holds you.

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  1. Jeremy Berg says:

    Reblogged this on DAILY ILLUMINATION | Reports from the intersection of faith & everyday life. and commented:

    Let me share of my love on Valentines Day. Here’s an old journal entry from when we first met! I knew she was “the one”!

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