My Top 3: Blogs

1. My number one favorite blog that is a part of my daily diet of reading is Jesus Creed with Scot McKnight. It’s hard to top the variety of topics and the depth of discussion found there.  I have been honored to have some of my writings featured there.  I admire Scot as a reputable … More My Top 3: Blogs

Neo-Tribalism & the Tower of Babel – Part 3

The previous post sought to show how the biblical narrative paints an ideal picture of human flourishing which echoes the same longings the Neo-Tribalist philosophy emphasize.  The point: So far, Christians can find much common ground with the aims of neo-tribalism.  Today, however, I want to highlight where the biblical story diverges from the neo-tribalist … More Neo-Tribalism & the Tower of Babel – Part 3