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Jesus People: The Movie

headerHave you seen any of these Jesus People  webisodes?  They are a hilariously depressing parody of some of the worst stereotypes and caricatures of the Christian subculture.  These episodes are promoting the full “Jesus People” movie arriving in select theaters soon.  Are you ready for the media buzz?  What are your thoughts on these caricatures of the Christian subculture?  Do they amuse you?  Offend you?  Sadden you?  Anger you?  How should real Jesus people respond?   Check out Episode 1 for a flavor of the rest.

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  1. I read about the movie in Relevant… it appears to be made by Christians… Either way, I think its wildly appropriate Christians start taking a sense of humor about their foilables. It works for black people, Jewish people, gay people… why can’t believers appreciate their shortcomings?

  2. AJ – I agree that we should have a sense of humor. I find them quite hilarious. Yet I’m all too aware that Christians exist for the primary purpose of REPRESENTING Christ with our lives. Our primary purpose in life is to bear accurate WITNESS to the one true God — his heart, character and purposes.

    So, yes all people groups have their shortcomings, stereotypes, caricatures, etc. but only the reputation of Christians has the power to either draw people to Christ or drive them away. Thoughts?

  3. A friend of mine saw the film at Biola — and said the black guy in the movie (sorry, don’t know the actor’s name) is one of the finest Christian characters ever put on film… and he’s the sympathetic lead character (like Jim from the ‘office’)… So it’ll be intersting to see. I can’t wait…

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