Lord of the Bedroom?

You have heard the Christian slogan: “Christ is Lord of all or not at all.”  Right?   National Public Radio had a featured story tonight on the Quiverfull movement.  If you’re unfamiliar with this movement, Wikapedia defines Quiverfull as “a movement among conservative evangelical couples…Its viewpoint is to receive children eagerly as blessings from God, … More Lord of the Bedroom?

Does Satan Exist?

Mark Driscoll debates Deepak Chopra and others on ABC’s “Nightline Face-Off” over the question: “Does Satan exist?”  Very lively and entertaining debate.  Watch the whole debate HERE.   What did you think?

Blaise Pascal on Seeking, Unbelief & Indifference

I dove into the deep, philosophical writings of 17th century math prodigy, scientific pioneer and Christian philosopher Blaise Pascal for a little change of pace. He speaks of the irrational folly of those anti-religious skeptics who never sincerely give the Christian faith an honest examination but write it off a priori…. … More Blaise Pascal on Seeking, Unbelief & Indifference

“The Limbaughization of Christianity”

What happens when the gospel of the Jesus-shaped Kingdom of God is intermixed with a political ideology?  Answer: Listen to any political talk show pushing a political agenda while buttressing it with religious rhetoric usually involving the phrase “Judeo-Christian” values.  Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, offers a very timely reminder to the millions of American … More “The Limbaughization of Christianity”