TWITTER BUG – A Disturbing Trend?


twitter-addictsBrian McCracken from Relevant Magazine article called “The Problem of Pride in the Age of Twitter” tackles the quiet, subtle, unseen trend related to a culture of micro-communication:

“We’ve become addicted to a strange sort of connectivity – a connectivity that maintains a comfortable balance between distance and proximity, anonymity and overexposure. We’ve become addicted to hyper-controlled, self-appointed ‘just how I like it’ communication. In this McDonald’s-meets-Macintosh world, we’re endowed with the ability to be even more self-obsessed than ever before. . . . Our lives have suddenly become much more dramatic, worthy of being ‘performed’ on a stage visible to millions.”

Walt Mueller tackled this very topic at his blog as well.  I’ll just let you read his post at “Learning My Lines.

What do you think?  Is Twitter fostering a tendency toward self-absorption among our teens?  What are the appropriate uses for this new technology?  What are the dangers?

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