TWITTER BUG – A Disturbing Trend?

  Brian McCracken from Relevant Magazine article called “The Problem of Pride in the Age of Twitter” tackles the quiet, subtle, unseen trend related to a culture of micro-communication: “We’ve become addicted to a strange sort of connectivity – a connectivity that maintains a comfortable balance between distance and proximity, anonymity and overexposure. We’ve become … More TWITTER BUG – A Disturbing Trend?

“The Cosmic Dance” by Greg Boyd

The Cosmic Dance by Greg Boyd (forthcoming) Since we’re on the theme of the cosmic dance, here’s a fascinating project by Greg Boyd, one of my biggest influences and favorite teachers.  Get ready egg-heads!! “Christus Victor Ministries is working with an artist, page designer and photographer to create The Cosmic Dance. Using funky art and creative photography, the … More “The Cosmic Dance” by Greg Boyd

SINKING (3): Patching Leaks #1 – Culture Christians

In my previous post I suggested today’s youth culture can help remind us what really distinguishes a healthy church from a sick, diseased or dying church: “Are the individuals who make up that church authentically regenerated, committed followers of Christ whose lives bear outward evidence of the inward sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit?”  Teens … More SINKING (3): Patching Leaks #1 – Culture Christians

SINKING (2): A Church Health Lesson from our Teens

The Internet Monk Michael Spencer recently devoted 3 blog posts to describing the coming Evangelical collapse in America.  I recently posed the same question: “Is the Evangelical Church in America sinking?”  I think I want to bring my observations from the perspective of a youth pastor since that is where I’m currently ministering.  The evangelical … More SINKING (2): A Church Health Lesson from our Teens