sinking-boatWhat is the future of the evangelical church in America?  I just read a devastating post by fellow blogger the Internet Monk predicting a sooner-than-later collapse of the evangelical church in America.    While this prediction maybe distanced theoretical speculation for some, it is an urgent wake up call to those of us youth pastors laboring in the trenches full time.  What will happen to the religious landscape in America and the health of the church “on my watch”?  What kind of a future are we youth pastors helping create right now, week by week, day by day, conversation by conversation, sermon by sermon?  What direction are we steering this evangelical ship, and will it stay afloat once our pimple-faced 15 year olds finish college, start families and take a more active role on deck?  This question should haunt us who labor in vocational ministry, who have been called to play key leadership roles in the guiding the church into the future amid the stormy waters of an increasingly secular, post-Christian culture.  

These are ENORMOUS questions, too complex to summarize in a blog post.  But can we begin recognizing and identifying some of the obvious leaks in the bottom of the boat?  Can we start working together to patch them up and keep it afloat? 

So, what are the major challenges facing the evangelical church in America today?  

I hope to follow up with some of my observations and proposed solutions.  Stay tuned.

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